2UP Clear Headlight Covers S13


2UP S13 Clear Headlight Covers for the Nissan Silvia S13 are a great upgrade for anybody wanting to increase visibility at night, replace damaged glass headlights or give the car a clean new look.

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2UP Clear Headlight Covers for the Nissan Silvia S13 PS13 can fit over all variations of S13 Silvia Headlights be it the Projectors or Brick Style, once your original glass is removed these fit directly in.
Race Ready – No need to put tape over your headlights, due to our headlight covers being made of plastic, if you do brake a headlight this will not shatter over the road.

The 2UP S13 Clear Headlight Covers can fit over all variations of S13 headlight be it Squares, Double Projector or Trippe Projector.

Intended Fit

  • Nissan Silvia S13 PS13

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Don’t buy imitations – Whilst others may sell something that looks the same for cheaper you can be sure it’s not, it’s a thinner product which will lead to warping with high wattage HIDs, Aftermarket Projector retrofit or strong bulbs/globes along with the fitment isn’t correct.

There’s a good reason we have been selling since 2010 and that’s because we have a great product. We aren’t a here today gone tomorrow quick dollar company.

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