All of 2UP sold products are made in our production facility via our Partner Company, The reason we do make in China is because it is cheaper for us to mass produce 200-500 items at a time, along with it is cheaper for us to ship to our distributors around the world directly from production instead of posting from Australia.

Since we are only a small company, we ship all items within 3 days of order being confirmed. Domestically all items are generally received by you within 7-10 Business days from the time you have placed your order.

International orders will need to use the Contact form for us to be able to correctly find you preferred postal method which can change delivery times.

All products purchased come with an Installation Guide, this makes it ALOT easier to install. We also provide support via Facebook or email if you need more help or are doing something custom and want to be sure it will work.
We do not take returns based on your own personal preference, we have multiple photos of vehicles running our product so it is your responsibility to know what you are purchasing.
Since we sell to all countries which ranges from Australia, NZ, Japan, USA to only say the least it is to hard for us to confirm if these items are, As of the past many years of us selling generally headlights are the last tings your law enforcement would check so these items are sold as Race – Show use.
  1. Advise us via Email of the damage with Pictures.
  2. Contact the company who you received the item from (Australia Post/DHL/FedEx etc.)
    1. If your item was purchased with Postal Insurance you will be able to apply for a Warranty claim refund.
    2. If you did not purchase insurance then you may be entitled to a partial refund at the discretion of the postal company.
    3. For items sent via Australia Post the following link will provide you with information for insurance or Non Insurance cover –
  3. Once you have logged your Warranty claim the postal company may contact us for proof of purchase.
We will not log your Warranty Return for you it must be done yourself as you received the item.
Yes we can! What we sell on the 2UP Store is actually a small amount of our own range of products for many years now we have been exporting many other products from Japan, so if you like BN Sports/DMAX/Rocket Bunny to only name a few brands be sure to contact us so we can maybe help you out! 2UP is a recognized distributor for many Japanese brands so we are able to provide competitive quotes on purchasing and worldwide freight directly from Japan. We mainly specialise in body aero but are able to help in other areas if we are able to.
No we cannot, 2UP is unable to provide you with copy brands or replica pieces to currently available to purchase Japanese brands.
No we do not sell ANY used products, all 2UP sold products if our own or imported are BRAND NEW in box, all boxes will be opened if being reshipped to allow us to check for any damage during freight if it has occurred.
No, we do not sell single headlights, this then leaves us with many lefts or many rights. All items are sold as pairs unless otherwise stated.