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2UP – Our Story

2UP is based in Melbourne, Australia officially starting in 2009.

2UP is the manufacturer and distributor for the 2UP brand label, we are also authorized importers and exports to the world for many Japanese brands.

We are able to ship from Queensland, Australia as of 2013 and Tokyo, Japan as of 2014.

We would like to also incorporate an American and European distributor.

We have always been a large supporter of our Japanese following and beginnings so a lot of R&D is done within Australia and Japan as we believe the best knowledge comes from experience.

All our products are thoroughly tested before they are available on sale, this allows us to get real life feedback on the install documentation and also if we need to make further production changes before an item goes to market.


2UP Melbourne, Australia.

ダイスケ (Daiskue)
2UP Tokyo, Japan.